13 Memes About Early Halloween That Will Make You Say “Me AF”

12 September 2016, 17:28

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


August is over. It's gone and it has taken the hideous summer with it. You know what's just around the corner? HALLOWEEN. You've been waiting for this moment for almost 10 months. You can almost taste it. Cold, dark nights. The smell of bonfires in the air. Crisp breezes of wind. The time has come. Aesthetic season is arriving and it's gonna make you say "Me AF".

1) August is reaching its end and you know what that means. 

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2) The minute the sun sets on August 31st, you take your final form. 


3) You know the signs when you see them. You feel it stir within you.


4) The winds are changing, the leaves becoming crunchier. You're becoming stronger.


5) Summer is gone. Autumn is mere minutes away.



6) Literally you from the middle of August until October 31st.


7) Boy, it sure does suck that summer is ending... *not*



8) Your aesthetic is finally arriving.


9) This you whenever someone tells you that it's far too early to start thinking about Halloween.

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10) It's official. Spooky displays are finally starting to appear in supermarkets and in shop windows. 


11) Time to brush up on the official language of Halloween.




Britney Halloween Meme


13) *hears the G note* I'm ready.  

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