10 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better When You're Sad AF

17 November 2016, 10:52

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

If you've had a bad day...

Try as you might to feel okay, there are those times when you'd rather crawl into a hole and forget about the world. Of course sadness is a part of normal life, but that doesn't mean you can't kick your bad mood in the ass. 

Light some candles

Honestly, candles are so lit (pun intended). Aside from being kind of awesome, a study in Japan suggests that lemon scented candles can have an "anti stress" effect. Aside from that, aromatherapy is widely practiced all over the world and it's a cheap way to instantly lift your mood. 



Write. Write something. Write anything. Write a tweet; write a play; write some fanfic; write a freaking text. Journaling and writing for anti anxiety and stress purposes is widely recommended by mental health experts. But what should you write to immediately pick yourself up? Try a list of things you're thankful for. The part of the brain that processes "gratitude" can help to trigger the release of dopamine (the happy chemical)into your brain.


Do your favourite thing

Okay this one is a bit obvious but, seriously. When is the last time you did your favourite thing? What even is your favourite thing? If you're feeling down, then sod it. Call in sick to work or school and just do your favourite thing. Is it painting? Stay home and paint. Is it playing music? Do that. The idea that you have to subject yourself to stuff that makes you unhappy is a myth. Remember that. 


Fix your bad mood by helping others

Nothing feels quite as powerful as using your voice to help other people. One way to send your bad mood packing is by getting involved in a social cause that you feel passionate about. #iwill is a social initiative designed to inspire and empower communities across the UK. It aims to break down barriers for youth social action and give everyone, especially teens, the power to improve the lives of people living in communities just like theirs. Get in touch with #iwill and lift your mood by helping others. 

via iwill.org.



Why is cooking a mood booster? A couple of reasons. It's a mind focusing task with a rewarding outcome. Similar to tidying up, you feel better after you've cooked something for yourself because you've distracted your brain, focused it on something else, and can now enjoy the result of your labor. Cook a freaking grilled cheese sandwich and tell me it won't make you feel better. 


Treat yourself  

This one isn't sustainable but I'm sure everyone knows the feeling of being super sad and just seeing something and saying to yourself, "sod it. I deserve this."

Put on some music and get in the bath.  


Get someone to give you 3 million in cash.


Explore your city 

If you're feeling sad then here's what you should do: Throw a camera, notebook, and headphones into your backpack. Slip on some walking shoes and catch a bus into the center of the city where you live. And then explore. Explore, clear your mind, problem solve. Just see something you've never seen before. 

Unload your troubles

You may feel down because you're carrying around a lot of frustration, anxiety, and worry. There is no requirement for you to constantly feel alone and isolated. Talk to someone. Tell them why you're upset. Ask for advice.  I promise as soon as you do this you will feel so much better. 

Get involved with the #iwill social action initiative and help enact positive change in your community.