15 Struggles Only People With The Munchies Will Understand

10 May 2016, 12:16

Munchies asset
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Someone pass me the snacks I can't move...

It's a problem that has been experienced by every generation since the invention of blunts, how the hell are you supposed to deal with the munchies when you're high af? These struggles are all too real. 

1) Everything starts off well.



2) But then you start to feel real hungry.



3) Like, *really* hungry.



4) That's when the munchies start kicking in.


5) You start the hunt for food by looking through your socials for some inspiration.


6) But food porn is a dangerous thing.



7) Omfg stop it.


8) Help.



9) It then finally occurs to you that your friend probably has food in their house. This is exactly how it goes down.


10) You basically turn into this horse.



11) It's all fun and games for a while.


12) Until it's time to go outside FOR MORE FOOD.  



13) Will people realise I'm high af?



14) It all gets a bit out of hand.



15) But no matter what state you are in, just remember...