Melanie Martinez Second Album: Everything We Know So Far

16 June 2017, 12:07

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

All the latest information about Melanie Martinez' second album.

Melanie Martinez is back in the recording studio, hard at work on the long awaited follow up to her 2015 debut Cry Baby. The singer tweeted an update earlier in the year (February 1st) confirming that she was getting back to work alongside her producer and boyfriend Michael Keenan.

Michael also gave his own update, clearly delighted with how the sessions are progressing.

Keenan previously worked on the tracks 'Gingerbread Man' and 'Play Date' on 2016's bonus record Cry Baby's Extra Clutter. So, what can we expect from Melanie's sophomore effort? Let's round up all the information we have so far.

As with the first album, Melanie's new record with have a strong visual element. She was tweeted several times this year in reference to a film that she is writing along side the album. Does this mean we will be getting a music video for every song? It certainly sounds possible.


Will Cry Baby return?

Melanie Martinez On What To Expect From Her Next Album

Melanie Martinez speaks exclusively to PopBuzz.


As she told us when we chatted with her during her UK tour last year, Melanie is expanding the world of her iconic title character. The story this time will be set in the surrounding town as we meet Cry Baby's neighbours and extended family members. Exciting!

It's all brand new material (obviously).

Melanie Martinez, Instagram

As Melanie wrote in the above Instagram post, despite an abundance of older material that has been sought out by fans, the new album's theme will require all-new songs and lyrics. And, as confirmed in a tweet above, the new album will come with a bonus package with extra tracks.

It will sound very different!

Melanie Martinez, Giphy

In previous interviews, Melanie has hinted at some hip hop influences as well as the use of "vintage squeak toys" and an overall darker sound, tackling topics including mental health and school friendships falling apart. There will also, reportedly, be no collaborations on the record with everything narrated by Cry Baby.

Some lyrics have been leaked already.

Melanie has already posted several lines from new songs via Instagram comments which were frantically jumped on by fans after they were swiftly deleted. Here was one post:

If you can't handle a heart like mine
Don't waste your time with me
If you're not down to bleed. No oh.
If you can't handle
The choking the biting the loving the smothering till you can't handle it no more.
Go home...
Come to my house, let's cry together
Friendship that would last forever."

Will these make the final cut? Only time will tell.

New album release date?

All the signs are looking good for a new album in the autumn of 2017. Only a few months left now! 

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