Paramore Are Having Big Legal Drama And Here's All You Need To Know

7 March 2016, 12:22

Paramore press shot

By James Wilson-Taylor

It's all a bit complicated.

While they happily sail away on their Parahoy! cruise ship, back home Paramore are currently in the midst of a difficult legal battle with former bassist Jeremy Davis who quit the band late last year.


As with any of these legal things, it's all incredibly complicated with enough courtroom jargon to fill a Ryan Murphy mini-series. So, let's look at the basics and find out just what exactly is going on in the world of Paramore.

1) It's a battle over royalties.


A Tennessee newspaper reports that Jeremy Davis is aiming to get money from touring revenue and sales royalties as well as unspecified "damages" payments and potentially income from future Paramore work too. The other side argue that David is no longer a part of the band and has therefore given up any right to the cash.

2) Who owns the Paramore name?


A company called Varoom Whoa are the official owners of the Paramore name and is, according to the lawsuit, owned exclusively by Hayley Williams.

3) Only Hayley Williams is actually signed to a label.


While Hayley is signed to Atlantic Records, Jeremy and Taylor were paid as employees. Hayley did however include a portion of her earnings within any band payments in order to maintain good feeling within the team. 

4) So what is the argument?


Jeremy claims that he was more than just an employee and should be thought of as a partner in the underlying business, entitling him to royalties. The newspaper report claims that David says he had duties outside of the band including "hiring advisers, musicians, stage crew and equipment managers, plus creating and managing staging and lighting and an array of other duties".

5) When will this get resolved?


The case will go before a judge probably within the next few weeks but, then again, who knows? These legal battles can often get strung out for months on end. At the time of writing, no court date has yet been announced.

All a bit tricky isn't it? Was Jeremy just an employee or a full member? 

Let's hope that things can get resolved quickly and we can all get ready for the new album to drop!