Watch Matty Healy's Dance Moves Perfectly Explain WTF "The Brexit" Is

5 May 2016, 16:54

Matty Healy Brexit 2

By James Wilson-Taylor

Let's get funky/politically educated with The 1975 frontman.

Matty Healy recently sent out the below tweet regarding a term we are hearing a lot in the UK at the moment.


Fair enough, but Matty may have left many of his US fans somewhat confused...


Don't worry The 1975 fans - we have you covered.

See, as you know, earlier this year saw the long-awaited release of The 1975's synth funk, 80s disco, emo-comedy, really very good odyssey album I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It



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And, at the same time, in the band's home nation, a debate was raging across every news outlet over "The Brexit".



Of course not! 



The fact is, the dance moves of Mancunian mop haired legend Matty Healy are the only appropriate conduit to help explain just what the hell is happening in UK politics right now. So, let's look at the basics shall we:


1) What's a "Brexit"?

It's the slightly stupid sounding abbreviated term for the debate on whether or not the UK should leave the European Union. Brexit = British Exit.

With me so far?




2) Who wants us to leave?

Outgoing London mayor figure Boris Johnson has come out in favour of leaving as have professional right-wing political Twitter trolls UKIP and some other prominent politicians from the ruling Conservative party. 

To make this easy, imagine that Matty's legs are mayor Boris Johnson and UKIP leader Nigel Farage and then watch as they attempt to slide their way out of Europe.




3) Who wants us to stay?

Prime Minister David Cameron and opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn have stopped squabbling over who wears the best clothes and are actually agreeing for once, both publicly campaigning for staying in.

They want us to be as unmovable as an upside down Matty Healy in a pink jacuzzi tub.


He ain't going nowhere!


4) What's the argument all about?

There are lots of issues at stake including trade laws and regulations, security and military influence. However, by far the most talked about issue is free movement and jobs.

Right now, if you are an EU citizen, you can rock up to any other EU country and look for work like "Hi hun".


Which is cool. But UKIP and others argue that immigration is now out of control as a result of this and that UK workers get an unfair deal. 


5) What do the public think?

Well, right now the polls are split 55/45 as people struggle to choose.

The public are moving from side to side even more than Matty's flailing, turtle-neck covered arms.


Pick an argument guys, you're making us dizzy!


6) When is all this shiz going down?

Vote day is June 23rd 2016. Any British resident over the age of 18 can go and answer the question "Should the UK remain a member of the EU or leave the EU?".

Voting is a secret ballot so you can remain anonymous without having to wave your hand in front of your face the whole time for protection.


Matty will be at Glastonbury though so he'll have to register for a postal vote.


Hope that all made sense. Thanks for the help Matty.